Working for Supply Book

Working with Supply Book

Thank you for your interest for working with Supply Book - we truly expect your experience of working with us to be a positive one.
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What we offer:

Day to day /Short term bookings:
Teacher Rates from £100 to £130 per day- T.A. Rates from £60 to £85 per day

This can consist of either emergency bookings; which you will be contacted for on the morning for an assignment the very same day! We will normally call anytime from 7am and ask you to get to the client asap with adequate travel time taken in to account.  It is useful if you are up and ready to go out to work to ensure the speed of your arrival at school.

Alternatively we will give you advanced notice for day bookings (ie, to cover day courses and planned absences) in which case you can pre-plan your route to the school and we ask that you arrive for approx. 8.15am – especially on your first visit to a new school.

For all Primary day to day bookings we will always let you know what year group you will be taking and we always ask that you take resources and planning with you to the school in case planning has not been left by the class teacher. Please also make sure you mark ALL work at the end of each teaching day.

Long Term bookings:

Teacher Rates from £110 to £150 per day- T.A. Rates from £60 to £85 per day

This involves being at the same school for an extended period of time; normally a minimum of 6 weeks up to 3 terms! You will be expected to become fully involved in the life of the school and also partake in full planning and preparation. You may work alongside other team members and/or the Head of Department to assist you with what areas to plan for. Marking will also be your responsibility and you may be asked to attend parents evening, staff meetings and other extracurricular activities.


Some key points to remember during your time working with Supply Book:

  • Keep us fully updated with your availability – call the office, text us or email us regularly to update us. Candidates who do this tend to get themselves more regular work.
  • If you are unable to complete an assignment due to illness then it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible to allow us to find a replacement.

(Please remember we have an out of hours service so please call your local office number and either speak to a consultant to let us know or leave a message with full details- name, address, where you were due to be working)

  • As education professionals you will be expected to arrive at school smartly, suitably dressed and well presented.  If your dress is considered to be unsuitable you will be informed by the school on your arrival and possibly sent home to change.
  • Please ensure no pupils are left unattended for any reason.
  • Ensure you are never left alone with a pupil in a classroom
  • Classroom management is important and is a key factor in many schools during supply teaching. A firm but fair approach is highly recommended in many schools and the school will make you aware of their behaviour policy during your time there. Please do not be afraid to ask for assistance from other staff members.
  • While on an assignment please keep your mobile on silent/switched off while in the classroom but please check for messages at break to check for more bookings. We don’t want you to miss out on work for the following day.
  • When possible – arrive early at the school to familiarise yourself with the school and your surroundings and to meet other members of the staff team. This also reflects well and shows your dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the day ahead.
  • You must NOT make any physical contact with any pupils under circumstances. (Even as a light hearted gesture)  Physical punishment of any kind is prohibited and any serious discipline matters should be dealt with in a non-confrontational manner by adhering to the school behaviour management policy.


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